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Intralogistic 4.0 - only german
The efficiency and reliability of our ToolBox systems has been proven over years of use in practice — around 100 customers in Switzerland can't be wrong! The systems help our customers minimise time and effort when it comes to sourcing, managing and storing their tools. And as it is a forward-looking intralogistics solution for Industry 4.0, ToolBox can be optimally extended and networked. A safe investment that will pay for itself in less than a year. Download the brochure to find out more.
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Tool Logistics - only german
Find out more about operating the various ToolBox systems, as well as the storage and configuration options and technical dimensions available.
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Lean Management - only german
Lean management includes tried-and-tested methods to sustainably increase productivity and consistently eliminate waste. Efficient, lean processes, small batch sizes, standardised work processes and optimised logistics result in an outstanding level of service provision from your company and increased customer benefit. Find out more in our brochure about lean management.
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Solutions brochure
Integral tool management is so much more than just tool trade. As a single-source supplier, we minimise the total cost of your tool and MRO sourcing using our integral approach and comprehensive solutions portfolio. We offer tool management "as a service", so you can focus on your strengths while we take care of the rest. Download the brochure to find out more.
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Step-by-Step Ansatz für den digitalen Erfolg im Mittelstand
Industrie 4.0 wird leider häufig als komplexes Thema wahrgenommen. Die Komplexität führt dazu, dass viele Unternehmer verunsichert sind und den Sinn von Industrie 4.0 kritisch hinterfragen. Wir möchten mit diesem Whitepaper für unsere Leser die Komplexität reduzieren und in einer einfachen, verständlichen Sprache die grössten Sorgen rund um das Thema beseitigen. Mit kleinen, fassbaren Zielen möchten wir aufzeigen, dass Industrie 4.0 nicht lediglich ein verunglimpftes Marketing-Schlagwort ist, sondern Mittel zum Zweck für einen lang-fristigen Unternehmenserfolg.
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